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Scuba diving tours are major focus of our business. The main idea is to offer combination of scuba diving, swimming and sightseeing on different diving locations and places along Adriatic coast.
This type of cruising is both attractive and interesting for divers and non divers! Diving spots are limited on 40m dept and two dives in one day.
This tour can be combined with technical and advanced nitrox diving as well.
On this type of cruising, our guests can experience Croatian marine life and cultural heritage.



This type of tour is recommended and possible only for licensed technical divers and it offers one technical diving per day on depts. between 60 and 80 meters. Max number of technical divers is 10. Blending of technical gases, rent of gear and gas (helium) are paid separately! For more information please take a look on ‘’Technical diving’’ part of our web site.



This type of tour basically unites technical and dive tour and it is created for individuals who want to make few technical dives on desired locations. According to the route plan, technical divers are choosing locations where they want to make technical dives.
Number of technical dives with trimix is limited on 3 to 4 in one week and number of technical divers is limited on 8 persons in one tour. Dive spots for technical and scuba divers are usually the same spots (of course with depth difference) or they must be close to each other! For more information please take a look on ‘’Technical diving’’ part of our web site.
Reccommended number of divers: 16 divers.



Cruising tour is the best option for people who want to enjoy sea, sun and good food in combination with different ports along the coast. During this journey, ship stays twice per (before and after lunch) day in nice and remote bays and beaches where guests can enjoy their holiday. In this kind of tour, visits to national parks Kornati and Krka are highly recommendable.



Biking tours are mainly organized with our partners who run specialized agencies for this type of tourism. These tours have special program and guide who is leading the whole group across the islands and from one to another place of town. This kind of tour usually provides half board (breakfast and dinner) and 2 different types of route.

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