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NP Kornati tour


Zadar-Tribunj-Zlarin-Vodice-Žirje-NP Kornati

National park Kornati tour is primarily focused on dive spots which are located in national park Kornati and island of Žirje. As not so many places in Croatia, it offers rich flora and fauna even on depts. up to 20m. More information can be found on www.npkornati.hr.
This tour probably offers the best diving spots and it is one our most popular routes. The main strength of this tour is that diving locations are almost equally attractive for beginners, advanced divers and technical divers. This tour has 2 wrecks to offer and these wrecks are Francesca de Rimini and Štuka airplane wreck. Both wrecks are under special protection and dives on these spots are paid separately.


First day (Saturday):

Vranjak I starts cruising toward place Kukljica on island Ugljan (www.kukljica.hr). With one swim stop, the ship arrives before dinner time into this small Dalmatian place. Kukljica is our home port and first day is always reserved for check of diving equipment, briefing and taking of necessary supplies for the whole week. Instead of swim stop, it is possible to make check dive in area of Kukljica so that group is better prepared for national park.


Second day (Sunday):

After the start from Kukljica, we are reaching national park for 1,5 hour of cruising. After 2 or 3 dives, we stay over the night on island Levrnaka. Levrnaka is our national park base which has the only sand beach in entire national park. On this island, there are two restaurants as well in which our guests can have drink after the dinner.


Third day (Monday):

From Levrnaka, we continue with cruising toward south part of national park. After diving, we continue toward island Žirije where we stay over the night.


Fourth day (Tuesday):

This day is reserved for diving on island Žirje.


Fifth day (Wednesday):

After staying in Vodice and taking water and all necessary supplies, we are cruising back toward south part of national park. After two dives in national park, we are coming back in Tribunj.


Sixth day (Thursday):

From Tribunj, we move back toward national park and after 2 dives in national park we are coming again to Levrnaka.


Seventh day (Friday):

After diving in national park, we are back to Sukošan on Friday evening.


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NP Kornati tour

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