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North & South tour


This tour covers mostly Zadar archipelago including islands of Premuda, Dugi otok, Kornati National Park, island of Žirje and Kaprije. It is designed primarily for scuba divers and it combines caves, wrecks and deep wall which are available in this area. What is even more important, almost all diving spots are suitable for scuba divers and they do not exceed depth limit of 40 m.

This tour definitely includes the best diving spots of North Dalmatia.

It is quite dependable on weather conditions (especially the area of island of Premuda and Dugi otok). Nevertheless, a lot of diving spots are available even when sea conditions are difficult (Kornati National Park, Kaprije or Rivanj islands).

Some of the diving spots are: Ledenik wreck near the island of Sestrunj ( 20 m), Štuka wreck near the island of Žirje (28 m), Francesca de Rimini wreck near the island of Kaprije (38 to 40 m), cave ‘’Cathedral’’ on Premuda island, Brbišnica cavern on Dugi otok, cave on the island of Mežanj, Rivanj channel, deep walls of Kornati National Park, etc.

Depending on the weather conditions, this tour can start in direction north or south of Zadar.

Because of that, it is very hard to have strict schedule.

Main priority is to cover the best diving spots and extra payment for this tour covers costs of National Park and special fees for diving on wrecks.


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North & South tour

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