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Statival - Diving resort of Kornati National Park



The bay of Statival is located on the north side of island Kornat in national park Kornati. This bay is opened directly to the south of Kornati and island Žut archipelago and all diving locations are in 20 minutes range from this bay. Great majority of all diving places are located on the open side of Kornati and they represent unique marine life in combination with beautiful cliffs and underwater walls.

Since it is completely isolated from civilization, arrival in Statival bay is only possible with the boat. For our customers we have arranged special transport form place Sukošan near Zadar to Statival and back. The nearest place to this bay is Sali on island Dugi otok.

During the summer season, Statival bay is residence for local people who are mostly oriented toward traditional agriculture and fishing. Our guests are always welcome to join them in their everyday activities and explore Mediterranean Sea in its original beauty.

Hills of island Kornat which are surrendering bay of Statival are best places for unique view to complete archipelago.



Our clients can find accommodation in one of several houses which have been built in this bay. All houses are built in symbiosis with nature and limited resources on this remote island.

For this reason electricity is provided through solar panels and water is kept is special tanks. Majority of houses can accommodate 3 to 4 persons and they are equipped with:
toilette with shower
hot water (from 50 up to max. 100 L per day)
electricity for low energy devices up to 200 W
pillows, sheets, towels
private terrace or porch where guests can enjoy in their privacy

As diving resort Statival bay can accommodate max 12 divers and 8 non divers.

We provide full pension (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for all our clients. The food is blend of Mediterranean cuisine and domestic specialties.

On this ground plan you can see exact location of your house in this diving resort. All houses are named in range from A1 to A6.



Diving resort Statival is equipped for max 12 divers which can enjoy on best diving spots in this part of Croatia! Transfer to the dive spots is done with 7,5 m rib boat which is designed especially for transport of divers and equipped with outboard engine of 250 HP. This rib boat provides cruising speed of 20 knots on its full capacity. The dive guide is always on the boat.

Divers are leaving all their diving gear in the rib boat and their bottles are filled directly. After assembling of diving on the first day of arrival there is no need to carry your gear around the diving base. Divers can choose between 12 and 15 L steel tanks and aluminum 11 l stages and aluminum twinsets (2 x11) with integrated weight. Renting of diving gear is possible as well.



DIVERS: 870 euro
NON DIVERS: 600 euro
15 L TANK: 30 euro per week
11l ALLUMINIUM STAGE: 5 euro per day
TWINSET (2x11L): 80 euro per week

The price includes: transfer from Sukošan to Statival and back, full pension (breakfast, lunch, dinner), licenses for national park Kornati, 2 dives per day + 1 night dive, excursion to Telašćica Marine park for the non divers, excursion to place Sali on Dugi otok), free water.

INDVIDUAL NON DIVING ARRANGMENT: possible but with some additional costs

Contact, Owner & Diving instructor

Tomislav Martinović

Krešimir Line d.o.o.
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23271 Kukljica, Croatia
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Tel: +385 98 176 0345
Mail: info@vranjak.hr

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