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Advanced nitrox diving

This type of tour is created for advanced and experienced divers who want to make advanced nitrox dives on desired wreck locations and deep walls. According to the route plan, divers are choosing locations where they want to make deep air dives in combination with EAN cylinders for deco. This type of tour is highly recommended for twinset, 15 or 18 L single tank, side mount and CCR divers. Adriatic sea is deep sea destination and this way of diving can satisfy most demanding divers and it offers best of Adriatic sea. Primarily, this tour is targeting wreck fans and divers who enjoy in deep walls covered with colorful gorgonians and marine life.

Max recommended number of divers: 16

Contact, Owner & Diving instructor

Tomislav Martinović

Krešimir Line d.o.o.
Kukljica 18
23271 Kukljica, Croatia
OIB: 35704032345

Tel: +385 98 176 0345
Mail: info@vranjak.hr

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